Web Color Combination That Is Suitable For Web Design

Web Color Combination That Is Suitable For Web Design

Knowing the right color is hard. As it can cause you multiple day to match color with the style of your web. Bold and vibrant color not good for our eye. Color that get picked used to be color like pastel and basic color.

If you are often create a web design malaysia you have the advantage of knowing the right color that suits a website. Here are some of the way to make the best color combination for your website.

Color combination is a collection of color that that make a perfect and unique color. The combination that often use is monochrome combination. That is shades of black and white. Monochrome color often because it make your eyes relax when reading and looking at visuals. Black often used for menu bar, navigation, footer and side menu. White will be the background for the whole website.

Beside, combination from pink and white also make your eye not hard to read the content. There is shade of pink that are not suitable for the web as it can make an ugly website. Pastel pink is the most suitable. Stick to a very subtle color because it look aesthetically beautiful for your website.

If you really want to play with color, put graphic and images that has a lot of color.

Playing with color can be tricky. You can try to use inspired color from your client’s logo or product. This can improve your consistency. It make your website look uniform.

It’s okay if you are repeating color. Big web company uses same color for every website that they design. The only different color is at the banner or at the logo of client company. If you good enough in color combination try to use gradient. Don’t use if you are beginner. To have a best color combination you can try web design malaysia. Website with the simplest color make it look great. Lastly, to make the best color combination. It’s a try and error but once you get the hang of it. It will be easier to made out a perfect color combination. Color combination need you to do a lot practice as it to be perfect.